Our methodology for any web project is focused on:
                                                      Understanding client requirements   Database design
                                                      HTML Java Scripting and ASP.net Coding
                                                      Hosting  applications on client’s server if needed.
                                                       SEO and other marketing services to promote projects.
Offshore Development
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    We are committed to deliver best quality back office services to our clients with the assistance of its dedicated human resources and sound
    infrastructure. We have also established long-term relationships with our customers thus making it sure that all the benefits of outsourcing
    are supplied to our customers at the maximum level.

    Our back office operations provide a mixture of corporate and non-core services including service as well as technical support functions.

    In the Seven years since its inception in 2000, HDR INFOTECH, privately held outsourcing company, that specialized in Online Training
    outsourcing in call center and BPO; and IT services, with a focus on H1B PROCESSING.

    Online Course Development
    •Instructional Design
    •Interface Design
    •Online Evaluation

    • General Accounting
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Reconciliation
    • Fixed Assets   
    • Closing Processes
    •Managing the staff and the clients.
    •Motivating the Workforce in the
    •Competency Development
    •Recruitment and Training .
    •Bridging the Demand Supply Gap
The final section explains the Human Resources Management (HRM) aspects of IT outsourcing in HDR INFOTECH.